Bailarina de los cielos

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Page0010 framed.jpg

Bailarina de los cielos

from 25.00

Original painting
Water color and ink on paper
9X12 inches

Info on ordering framed paintings


Framed orders take an additional 2 weeks

The frames are purchased from

the frames I use are the 200, Liquid White Frame


These frames are made in the United States


Frame Dimensions

Frame width: 2.00"

Rabbet Depth: 0.50"

Frame material: MDF

Finish: Laminate

Color: Liquid White


Bailarinas de Bomba

This ongoing series of watercolors celebrates the energy and vibrancy of the myths and folkloric culture of Puerto Rico. In these works, you will find the quick and graphic quality serves to express the energy associated with the passion of the Bomba dancers and musicians who continue to practice their craft passed down from their African descendants.

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