Yemaya in Song

celloeye art for sale 24.jpeg
celloeye art for sale 24.jpeg

Yemaya in Song

from 25.00

Ink and watercolor on paper

8X10 inches

Certificate of authenticity provided




Info on ordering framed paintings

Framed orders take an additional 2 weeks

The frames are purchased from

the frames I use are the 200, Liquid White Frame

These frames are made in the United States

Frame Dimensions

Frame width: 2.00"

Rabbet Depth: 0.50"

Frame material: MDF

Finish: Laminate

Color: Liquid White




The Diosas (Goddesses) is inspired by goddesses from different religious groups that include the pantheons of the Catholic faith, Yoruba tradition, and the pantheon of indigenous goddesses of South America. My interpretation of these images are inspired by my project called La Dolorosa which paid homage to The Cult of the Virgin and how the people in colonial Latin America married all of these Traditions together.  These goddesses and their stories best manifests the story of the diversity in the Americas.

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