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A Period of Animate Existence Pig Iron Theatre Company

  • Annenberg Center for the performing Arts - Zellerbach Theatre 3680 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA, 19104 United States (map)

I am so excited to be part of Pig Iron Theater's Period of Animate Existence. Please click on the link below get your tickets to see this amazing piece of experimental theater as part of the Fringe Festival in Philadelphia. visit the Fringe Festival website for tickets, schedule of performances and times.

We find ourselves in a perilous time, one that is being called the Sixth Extinction, an era in which we foresee the loss of 20% to 50% of all living species on earth. The gravity of these issues has entered mainstream consciousness, affecting our politics, media, and ultimately our individual beliefs about the trajectory of life.


How do we contemplate the future in such a moment?


A Period of Animate Existence is an inquiry into this great disruption. What is this effort for life to go on living: the language used by one generation to address another; the difference between the animate and the inanimate; and the visceral feeling that the force of life itself – what Henri Bergson called “the élan vital” – permeates our notions of minerals, plants, animals, people, and time.