New album this summer... La Dolorosa

After so many obstacles, and LIFE interruptions I am finally getting closer to finishing my album La Dolorosa. I just had a photoshoot with the amazingly talented Bryan Karl Lathrop for the album artwork. I can't wait to share it! For now, here is a shaky selfie to show you what I did with the makeup. Costume by Sienna Martz, hair by bed head... not the company but literally get out of bed and did not brush it bed head. 

Check out Bryan's work on his website.

Autumn Update

Hello Friends

I have some shows coming up. check out the events page for details under MUSIC. I am also very busy writing my new album La Dolorosa and writing music for a film by David Antonio Cruz.

I am also having a sale of never before seen works on paper. Check out the sale!


More to come soon!

Now I have to get back to work.

New Recordings

So excited to be releasing new material! I am currently working on a classical music project. I am recording Vivaldi's Cello Sonatas, all nine of them. It is quite a task! I am searching for that Vivaldi that I have always romanticized over. The melody's never ending spectrum of colors in his work is what I hope to investigate in these new recordings. I am also improvising on some themes and creating original works based on his melodies in the cello sonatas.  The music is arranged for String quartet and solo cello, adding a different tone to what is usually performed and recorded. Each Sonata will be released separately with an improvisation based on that Sonata. 


I am also preparing a new EP of songs never released. It is called The Mask and will feature all re-recorded material of music. I emphasise that only to say that some friends have heard these songs performed before, but not like this.  Look for this new music soon!