New Recordings

So excited to be releasing new material! I am currently working on a classical music project. I am recording Vivaldi's Cello Sonatas, all nine of them. It is quite a task! I am searching for that Vivaldi that I have always romanticized over. The melody's never ending spectrum of colors in his work is what I hope to investigate in these new recordings. I am also improvising on some themes and creating original works based on his melodies in the cello sonatas.  The music is arranged for String quartet and solo cello, adding a different tone to what is usually performed and recorded. Each Sonata will be released separately with an improvisation based on that Sonata. 


I am also preparing a new EP of songs never released. It is called The Mask and will feature all re-recorded material of music. I emphasise that only to say that some friends have heard these songs performed before, but not like this.  Look for this new music soon!